Lessons from Lucy

Being Present

Lucy was and is a great teacher of mine. As our relationship began, with both Lucy and her human, I had no idea what was in store for all of us. Relationships take time to build as does trust, but when we fully trust another, be it human or animal, an unspoken bond can develop. That was the case with Lucy.

Our regular communication and Reiki healing sessions developed into something that I can not begin to put words to. My heart is filled with so much love, respect and awe whenever I think of sweet Lucy.

Over the many years we worked together, Lucy gave us simple and profound lessons. I have a journal filled with what I call, Lessons From Lucy & Friends. Lucy has given me permission to share one of them with you.

Be Perfectly Present

One morning as I was having a mini conversation with Lucy and getting ready to offer healing energy (Reiki) I was completely stopped in my tracks by her. Lucy was very clear. She said that humans need to be perfectly present when we are with another human or animal. (Evidently I was distracted and she called me on it!)

Lucy said it is very important to practice being present every day of our lives. If we do this we will get better and then the practice of being present will become part of who we are. We will become good listeners.

What does Lucy mean when she says “being perfectly present?”

Lucy went on to say, when humans are with another human we need to make direct eye contact with each other. Don’t be looking around at other things! BE right there in the moment with the other person. She says in doing this it is as if what the other person is saying is the most important and special thing that you have ever heard.

Lucy showed me through her point of view, when a human makes eye contact with another human it helps us to totally focus and really listen to what the other person is saying. Everyone, including animals, loves to have someone really care about what they have to say. To be heard. It feels good. We feel like we matter.

It is a very special gift to be totally present with another being as if the two of you are the only ones in the whole world.

Lucy reminded me that when a human is listening to an animal, it might not be comfortable for the animal to make direct eye contact with the human. Some species take direct eye contact as a threat. In a case like that it would be better for you to look away, but you can still be totally present with that animal and listen to what they have to share.

Lucy says, “It is important to be totally there for and with the animal and listen. Just BE. Don’t force anything. Be Open. No judgments. Just listen and BE and allow the experience to flow…flow in the moment.”

Lucy continued her lesson by saying, “Once one is in that beautiful quiet space of listening and BEING together it is much easier to move forward with a communication and/or healing session”. She invites us to experience the difference first hand. Are you ready to fully listen to another by BEING Present with them?

Lucy asks that we humans practice being Present with another, every day. Look into the person or animal’s eyes. Listen. Fully listen to what they are saying. Notice when you are distracted and bring yourself back.

Notice the difference in the quality of your relationships as you begin to make BEING perfectly PRESENT a part of who you are.

We are humans-BEING, not humans-DOING. A Present is a gift. Lucy suggests giving each other the gift of BEING PRESENT.

Thank you Lucy for this very special and important lesson.


Below is a guided meditation to  help you be present with yourself and your animal friends.

One of the most important keys to good communication as well as offering Reiki is to be fully present. How can you become more present? Practice.

Practice by listening to this guided meditation that you can do with your animal friends or just with yourself. Each time you practice write about your experience in a journal. Please share your thoughts and experience in the “comments” box below.


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  • Joyce Cross

    This was lovely — nice way to start my day. Thank you!

  • Mary-Sophia

    HI Janet. Your Posts are beautiful!

  • Titi Escalante

    Janet how true and beautiful.Thank you dearest Lucy

    • Janet Dobbs

      So many memories Titi. Lucy and her wisdom continues to evolve.

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