Changes In Life & the Importance of 2-way Communication With Your Animals

I came across this lovely video (see below) and I am reminded of the importance of communicating with animals and truly listening to them.

One thing that we can really count on in life is that nothing stays the same. Change always happens for one reason or another. We humans don’t like change usually. Change can be scary as well as exciting. Often we humans forget (or don’t even consider) to tell our animal friends and companions of a major life change that is going to affect either them, us or both. The beautiful story in the video below reminded me of the importance of good communication between ourselves and our animals. Even something as simple as saying “see you later” when you leave the house, or explaining to them that you will be going on a vacation for 7 days but you WILL return home to them, can make all the difference in the world as to the experience that they animal will have.

In my experience as an animal communicator I have learned that one of the biggest causes of behavior issues in all species takes place when they are separated from a friend or loved one and not told why or even the fact that it will happen. Try to imagine how you might feel if one day you are put in a vehicle with no warning and driven to another location without being able to say goodbye to your parents, siblings,children or friends. That is exactly what happens to many animals on a daily basis, especially those in rescue situations.

This kind of thing can happen throughout their life, from the time the animal is separated from their mother and/or family and can take place other times throughout their lives. (Being moved from place to place.) I find this happens to horses far too often, as they are often moved and/or sold many times over the course of their lives. What they experience emotionally is what can be called a “Primal Wound”.

I have heard that in some situations the baby horses are taken from their mothers without warning to either mother or baby. As the vehicle that carries the babies is leaving the property, the mothers cry and run as far as they can chasing after their crying babies as the vehicle fades from sight. None of them is given the chance to say goodbye to the other. The mothers never know if their babies are going to a good place or off to slaughter. Yes the animals are very aware of the slaughterhouse. The babies not only have to deal with being taken away from their mothers and family, but fear where they are going as it is their first ride in a moving vehicle. Sometimes all they need is to be told what is going to happen and to be given time to say their goodbyes. That simple act can make all the difference in their lives on every level.

I have listened to hundreds of animals, of many different species, share stories of animals as well as humans from their past, that they still wonder about and have concerns for. It can be quite heartbreaking to listen to, but in the listening can come great healing for the animal. Sometimes, as in the case of the two friends in the beautiful video below, we can take an action.

Please watch this lovely story about two friends of different species that lived in difficult conditions, were rescued, separated, and because humans “listened” …well watch and see for yourself. Make sure you have the sound turned up.

Beyond Friendship


Please feel free to comment about what you experienced with these two friends. Were you able to feel their feelings? Were you able to “listen” to each of them?

Here’s to friendship & communication!



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