Lessons From Lucy & Friends: Rudy on Meditation & Purring

Those of the feline persuasion are the kings and queens of meditation. If you really want to learn how to meditate BE with a feline. This includes our domesticate kitty cats as well as all of the wild felines.
Why meditation? Meditation is the foundation for both Animal Communication and Reiki practices. If you wish to go to the deeper places of true healing and/or communication you must develop a strong meditation practice of some kind.
Here is a lesson from Rudy, a survivor and wise teacher.


Always BE and FEEL the energy, especially when meditating.
Stay alert and present when meditating.
Purring is a vibration of healing and love.
Feel your inner purr and bring it to the surface.
Don’t be afraid to let it come out. Sing your purr.
Always listen and be aware of your surroundings especially when going deep into meditation.
Always “feel” on all levels of life. (Physical, emotional, spiritual, etc)
BE with yourself
BE quiet
BE stillness
BE in the world
BE with nature
BE-come the great PURR!
Now choose a feline to observe.
Notice their full awareness while seeming to be in a deep sleep, fully present and listening while their body is fully relaxed.
Notice their breath and breathing.
Notice yours.
Has your breath and breathing changed as you sit with a feline friend?
They may have their eyes opened or closed. (Yes one can meditate deeply with eyes opened in a soft focus as if looking through your eye lashes.)
Rudy invites you to join him and his kin, both large and small.
Feel your inner purr and let the feline in you come out!!!
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