The Morning Chatter

Rudy & Chipmunk

There was always something or someone catching Rudy’s attention each morning. He taught me how to appreciate the special time of day as the sun begins to bring light and the birds and wild animals start to stir and go about their morning routines.
I used to be a night owl and the only time I would see the sun rise when if I was still up from the night before! Rudy taught me how to love the early morning. There is always so much activity as the world wakes up and a new day begins.
Rudy kept watch over his kingdom and fully understood the “morning chatter”.

The Morning Chatter is the language of the wild animals.

Think of it as the local, national and world news of the day. Birds are some of the greatest messengers but all animals as well as insects and other begins bring news from far and wide as well as the local gossip. You never know who will show up and what they might have to say.
That morning a chipmunk happily filled his cheeks with sunflower seeds as Rudy watched.
Click on the video below and enjoy a moment with one of Rudy’s many friends…

What news do you receive when you connect with the wild ones? Please share your experiences below and always have fun….

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