Every day can be a do-over. How good is that? Something magical has been happening to me lately, as I have been delving deeper with my meditation practices.

The reason I have a magical feeling? Consistency!

It hit me that my own personal meditation practice was not as consistent as it used to be. This realization seemed to explain why I had been feeling “off” for a while. Drum roll and light bulb moment! I recommitted to my own regular practices and amped things up even more. The difference so far has been profound not only to me, but to our kitties, Luna and Max as well.

My meditation practices deepened when our kitty, Rudy came to live with us back in 2012. Rudy made it so easy for me to meditate every day. All he had to do was be near me or get in my lap and poof! Poof? He weighed 20 pounds so you knew he was in your lap, and to top it off he was like a heating pad on medium-high.

If I became distracted during a meditation, he would bring my attention back to the present moment. It felt natural and easy when we were together, just BEING in the moment. He seemed to love my Reiki meditations and always loved to assist with a distant Reiki session.

Rudy during a meditation session as he offers me healing touch.

When he died, that physical connection was gone and I know that will never return. As I work through my grief and missing him, I realize that despite my missing his physical presence, he taught me exactly what to do and how to BE. He did not take the tools with him. That was one of his many gifts to me, a “present” of the deepest kind. A gift of the present moment.

Our kitties, Luna and Max, are very different from Rudy. I am so happy that they are who they are and I celebrate their differences. I realized that this is the “new now”. Rudy was a lap cat, but Luna and Max need their space most of the time. However, things are changing or maybe I’m changing. Maybe I am finally opening and embracing new possibilities?

With each day of my recommitment to my own practices, Max & Luna have been showing up. Physically showing up.

For the past several days during my Reiki meditations, Luna has appeared at my feet, looked up at me, asked permission and then on her own hopped up in my lap. (Luna is not a lap cat so this act alone is a miracle!) I am clear with her that this is meditation/Reiki time and she is welcome to stay or leave. She has been staying quietly in my lap for one to five minutes. When she is complete, she hops down and then goes up in her window seat and drifts off into deep meditation.

Max has been doing something similar. He usually gets in my lap at least two times during my meditation or healing sessions and will stay for quite a while. Then he moves to either his favorite chair near me or onto the quilt that is on top of the meditation room desk. They both stay until after the meditation is complete.

What is different? Me!

I have become consistent in the time of day for my practices and I have been showing up. They are responding on many levels. I too am responding. I feel more peaceful, grounded, and better able to deal with the stuff of everyday life. I feel an even deeper connection with Luna & Max as well as all life. I am making repairs in my spiritual foundation. Kind of a spring cleaning and it feels really good!

A spiritual or meditation program of some kind is the foundation for connecting with our animal friends and all of nature, including animal communication and animal Reiki.

Consistency and practice are the keys to your own spiritual development.

The animals are in your life to help you and show you the way. Open your heart and listen to them.

Enjoy the meditation below with your animal friend(s). It is a simple meditation that you can do any day at any time.

May you find consistency in your life as you deepen your connection with your animal family and friends.


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  • Lynn Foster

    Hi Janet, I just listened to your meditation- the first in a long time. I am realizing now that something in my life needs to change. Jessie had gone to pick up her ball when I turned on the meditation and closed my eyes. When it was over and I opened my eyes, I saw that Jessie was sound asleep and still is five minutes later. I think that she needs a change as much as I do, Thanks for all you do. 💕

    • Janet Dobbs

      HI Lynn & Jessie. We all need a change but as Jessie clearly showed you, meditation or getting quiet and just BEING with our animal companions can change everything… even if only for a moment. So happy to have such a lovely connection. 🐾

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