I wish your animal family and you a very special Thanksgiving.

For many people this is a very busy time with gatherings and travels to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.

During this holiday many of us take time to reflect and share all that we have to be grateful for, but why not do this practice each day instead of just once a year?

When you wake up tomorrow morning, before you lift your head from your pillow take a brief moment and say thank you. Then think to yourself and say 3 things that you are grateful for. Maybe your dog or kitty is cuddled up next to you. How good is that? What a beautiful way to start the day.


Max & Luna wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

I am especially thankful for you and your wonderful animal family who have been on this journey we call life this past year. I am so thankful for all of the special animal teachers and animal friends that have supported both you and me. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives. I am especially grateful for you, your friendship, your deep love of animals and all that is, as we walk together hand-in-hand on this beautiful path of healing and clear communication with animals showing us the way.

Feel your heart fill with unconditional love that your animal friends and companions share with you. Take a moment during your busy holiday and just BE with them in the love and gratitude that is the spirit of the celebration of Thanksgiving.

May you, your family and your animal friends celebrate your many blessings today and every day.

With love and gratitude,
Janet, Luna & Max

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  • Joyce Cross

    Thank you, Janet. Every morning I awaken thankful that I do not live in fear, that I have enough (food, shelter, clothing), that I have wonderful family and friends, and that I have animals in my life. Many blessings that I treasure.

    • Janet Dobbs

      How beautiful Joyce. Yes so many blessings to treasure.

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