Breakfast with Deer Friends

This morning, I had the most wonderful surprise while I was doing my morning routine.

I was outside as the sun was beginning to light up the sky in the east. I was not able to see it yet, but I knew any moment it was to appear through the trees in our back yard. I was filling the bird feeders and listening to the “early birds” singing their lovely morning song when I looked up and saw…

the sweetest little girl running towards me as I was bent over filling the feeder that I had placed on the ground. She stopped a few yards away as I slowly lifted the feeder back on its pole and then she walked right up to me and began eating the seed that was on the ground.

I don’t like to allow wild animals, especially deer, to come close enough to me to touch, because I don’t want them running up to humans that might not be so kind and friendly, but… she just came right up to me and started eating less than 2 feet away from me!

The next thing I knew, her sister comes bounding around the corner and straight towards us. She was not as brave and stopped and checked out the situation. By then, I was taking a video with my phone.

You can see what happened in the video below.

At the end of the video, their mommy showed up. I slowly backed away and stood quietly in the cold stillness of the morning as the deer family continued to eat their breakfast snack as the sun began to shine.


Please enjoy this version of the Morning Chatter.
Feel your connection with Mother Earth and these sweet Deer souls.

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