Ask Them!!!

“Instead of trying to figure out what animals could think and feel, experience the thrill of communicating with animals directly.”  – Penelope Smith


Sometimes it seems easier to ask someone else why an animal behaves in a certain way instead of trusting yourself and asking the animal directly. I’ll bet you’ve had that very experience. You can be sure that I have done so many times myself.

Have you ever tried to “figure out” why an animal is behaving in a certain way? Maybe you talk to a friend and say, “Why does Spunky always run away whenever Hank comes over?” Maybe you notice a physical issue and want to know what it is or how the animal feels. What is that? Does it hurt? It looks strange.

We humans get in our heads, as we try to figure out the why or what of anything. Scientists do experiments or observe over long periods of time and then write up long dissertations about what they think is happening, but what if they went right to the source and asked them?

Many animals want to know why we make things so complicated.


One of my favorite examples of this took place during a week long adventure with humpback whales. Evidently, scientists had been trying to figure out why many of the female whales had deep gashes in their skin. Scar tissue stood out from the darker color of their skin, making it easy to see.

Many theories were bounced around, but no conclusion was found. Eventually, Penelope Smith said to the group, “Why don’t you just ask them?” Who, the whales? Yes. Ask the whales. Many of us did just that. The response that came made perfect sense.

We were spending the week in the Silver Bank off the coast of the Dominican Republic. The Silver Bank is a sanctuary where humpback whales come each winter to have their babies and mate.

This was the answer or communication given by the whales…

As a female is giving birth, she rolls in the water and at times she can get too close to the coral reef and scrapes or cuts her skin which eventually forms a scar.

The message and picture that was received seemed so simple as well as obvious. Many of us felt that the response made perfect sense.

If we only take a moment and ask the animal, you might be surprised at their answer.

The next time you find yourself trying to figure out what is going on with your animal friend, or any being for that matter, just take a moment and ask them. Ask your question and then be quiet and wait for the answer.

We are all born with the ability to hear what the animals are feeling and experiencing. Each of us has a unique way of receiving information. You do it all the time, but might not know it.

Join me in a guided meditation with your animals, found below.

During the meditation I will share a few tips that will help you quiet your mind and relax your physical body allowing you to open your heart as well as your “ears” to understand what your animal companion is trying to tell you.



*If you would like to develop your own unique ability and way to listen to and communicate with animals, please join me in the new On-Demand Beginning Animal Communication Workshop, other upcoming workshops and/or join the Monthly  2020 Animal Meditation & Healing Group. Details and updates are in the Animal Paradise newsletter.

Please feel free to share your experience with me below. I would LOVE to hear about it!


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  • Virginia

    I believe animals that we view as pets are closer to God. They are simple and straightforward, without guile. Is that why we love them so much?

  • Ace

    IMHO that is True! Only the Humans were kicked out of Paradise!
    Be kind to animals because they ARE angels!

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