Turning fear into unconditional love.
How can I help?

I feel so happy and blessed when ever I am in the presence of an animal, especially my kitties, Luna and Max. I also am always honored when I’m outside in the world and a wild animal or bird is close by. I imagine you may feel the same way since you too have a deep love of the animals and nature as I do. I feel a deep peace and joy in my mind, body and soul whenever I am fully present with them.

So, how do you feel when you see a wild animal that is injured?

What can you do to help or support them? Usually it is impossible to do anything, but wait! Today, I was reminded that there is always something that we (you and I) can always do.



This morning I went outside to fill the bird feeders. As I was filling the last feeder, I noticed a flash of white out of the corner of my eye. I looked in the direction of a more wooded area and my eyes were drawn to a larger tree, but I didn’t see anything. I felt something, but didn’t even see a squirrel. So, I waited.

Then as if out of the air, a young deer appeared. The next thing I knew, there were six of them! Six deer were close together looking at me. They blended perfectly with the fallen leaves in the wooded area of our yard that I was almost startled with joy. I have not seen them in many days and not six at the same time since last winter.

I believe they are 2 mothers and their babies that were born this past summer. As they began to move towards me and over toward the salt lick, I noticed that two of them were limping badly. Oh no!



I backed away from the bird feeder to give them space to come closer to eat the seed that I put on the ground for them. I was then able to begin to see and sense the area of their bodies that are injured. One was not as clear as the other. One of the youngsters that were born this past summer had a severe compound fracture of a back ankle. I have never seen anything quite this bad before and my stomach started doing flip-flops. I went to a place of negative emotions such as fear, horror and maybe even pity.

I instantly knew that I needed to change direction, because these emotions are strong and serve no one.

Also, wild animals are so sensitive, they pick up on any fear filled emotions and will run away.

My mother always used to tell me, “you are too sensitive!” I know she wanted me to be stern and strong like she was, but that’s not me. I am sensitive, especially to others. I guess that is called empathy. I’m sure you are as well. Most people that love animals are.

But how can one turn that into something positive for all involved?

If we are experiencing their pain, fear, etc., is it possible to be there for that person? No, I believe you can’t. Since you are holding on to the fear, nothing else is able to get in.

First, you must take care of yourself before you can care for another. It is important to find a way to let go of the negative emotions, which will allow the energy to flow through you and not get stuck like velcro. It’s important to be in a place of peace and love when you offer healing and support to an animal or human. In this case, it’s better for us to be more like teflon than sticky velcro. So that we are not holding on to anything negative that is not ours, but allowing it to just flow or slide through.



I began working on my own feelings. I remembered just how important it was to look past the outside “package” or physical body and connect with what was inside. That’s easy to say, but how does one do that?

How can you let the negative energy of fear, pain, etc. flow freely through you?

What can you do if you see an animal that is injured or hurt in some way? How can you support them if you are not able to physically assist them?

First, you must release any fear or pain that you may have picked up from the injured animal. Do not carry their pain. That will not serve anyone. Remember to be like teflon. Nothing sticks to you! One way to begin to release the fear based feelings is to breathe and connect to the earth through your feet on the ground and to breathe slowly in and out. Doing this will center your mind and body.

Once you are more peaceful, you will be able to create a space where healing can take place and offer beautiful unconditional love and peace.



So, the next time you come across a situation that might make you say OMG! (a bad car accident, an injured wild animal, etc.), notice how you are feeling and notice that you are saying OH NO! Notice how your body feels. Notice your speech if you are verbalizing. Ask yourself how this is helping the situation. Take a deep breath. Feel your connection to the earth. Feel the love in your heart. Now offer peace and love (which also translates into unconditional love) to the animal or human, to the situation and to all those that might be helping.

Detach from any outcome. Just be present and offer. This may be a fleeting moment or a longer time, but do it. You will feel much better if you stay in peace and love and they will too.

Here’s something else that might help you to become peaceful when no one else is.

Put yourself in the place of someone that is sick or injured. How would you feel if there were people around you crying, worried, have fear in their voices and other things that humans often do when someone is hurt or gravely ill.

Do you want them to be around you? Would that behavior make you feel any better? Or would you rather have someone that is sitting or being with you that is calm, peaceful, supportive, maybe just holding your hand or just being with you in the moment, fully WITH you.

That thought hit home for me and allowed me to take a breath and remember the magic that can happen when we are in the silence, BEING in unconditional love and peace with another. Therefore…


There is always something you can do.

You can BE with the injured animal. Feel your hearts connecting with pure unconditional love. Release any fear and pain that you may pick up from the injured one. Let it flow through you and out of you, bringing in peace, compassion, and unconditional love to and from your heart and soul, feeling it flow out from every cell in your being. That is a way to create a space where healing can take place.

This technique takes practice. Meditation practice. This is one of many reasons it is important to have a regular meditation practice, even if it is only 5 minutes a day.

Meditation is as simple as sitting or walking with your animal companion in silence. Just breathe and BE in the silence together. When you are in a habit of meditating and an emergency situation comes up, you are able to instantly go into that energy and space to support the one that truly needs you. The world is a better place every time you practice.




I have known the 6 deer since they were spotted fawns. I will continue to go outside when I see them in the yard and spend time with them. The deer people have taught me so much over the 30+ years that we have lived here. They have a special wisdom and I know they have many more lessons for me such as this one. Their lesson for me is clear.

Turn fear into love and BE in the moment with unconditional love flowing out from your heart in all directions. Try it and see if you can feel the beautiful love flowing gently back to you.

I would love for you to be part of the 2021 Animal Meditation & Healing Group.

For more information and to join, go to https://animalparadisecommunication.com/animal-meditation-2021/


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  • Joyce Cross

    I am so happy that you have posted this. In the past I have quietly and politely insisted that people who were in the presence of my distressed horse maintain a positive attitude (instead of “oh, you poor horse”) or else please leave as the best thing one can do to help is be calm, quiet, peaceful and loving to support both the animal and the vet doing her job. Some get it. Some might have viewed my request as harsh, but in the moment what matters is what will help the horse (or other animal). When the situation was resolved, I made sure to thank those who were helpful and to follow up with others so they could hear/understand why I made such a request.

    • Janet Dobbs

      Joyce – thanks for sharing your experience. We always do the best we can but it is helpful for someone to remind us when we go to that place of OMG! It can help to ask ourselves if our worry, fear, even hysteria is doing anyone any good. Of course it is not. So to remember to take a breath (or several) and reconnect with the earth. Then to offer support to all involved. Support can come by just BEING in the silence. But also just feeling a heart to heart connection with the one/s that needs our support and comfort as well as strength. You can ask the person that doesn’t know what to do to just be with you and breath into their bellies and breathe out and connect to the animal heart to heart. and of course as you had to do… ask them to go to a different location and support in that way. Usually people don’t know what to DO and really want to help.

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